Meibomian Glands are an essential piece of the dry eye puzzle and necessitate targeted treatment.

The Maskin Probing Protocol


Probing Meibomian Glands to relieve encasing scar tissue is an innovative, safe, and effective method to relieve elevated pressure and clear blockages within glands.

It is the only proven way to open constricted glands, providing positive physical proof and helping prevent gland atrophy.

Probing is necessary as a preparatory step to further treatment involving heat and pressure to avoid further lid irritation and inflammation.

Meibomian glands express meibum at the orifice of the eyelid, called the lid margin. There are 20-30 Meibomian glands in each of the upper and lower lids, and gland extend along the length of the lid with acini (oil-producing ductules) contributing meibum that flows along the tract and onto the eye surface with blinking. Sufficient meibum is required for adequate continual lubrication of eyes, coating the aqueous tear film to prevent rapid evaporation.

What patients are saying…

I definitely felt like my eyes were lighter [after Meibomian Gland Probing]

There was no sense of pressure, no pain. I could tell immediately there was a reduction in the sensitivity to light which for me was something that was pretty extreme.

Just from those 24-48 hours I could feel marked improvement. I was really just blown away and excited.

The immediate results were absolutely miraculous…

The next day it was like a miracle. I was finally functioning like a normal human being. I had my eyes open the entire day.

I used to talk to people on the phone with my eyes closed… I don’t need to do that anymore.

I can’t describe the feeling of being blind and in pain to being normal.