Founder and Inventor: Steven L. Maskin, MD

Dr. Maskin focuses on in depth patient care and development of innovative and effective procedures to solve difficult cornea, ocular surface, and dry eye disorders.

Successful Probing Track Record: Dr. Maskin has successfully and safely performed the Maskin Meibomian Gland Probing Procedure on over 1,000 patients, 4,000 lids, and 100,000 glands in the more than 15 years since he first targeted Meibomian Glands as an important piece of the dry eye puzzle. Through his work, understanding of the underlying problems of MGD and associated diseases have advanced dramatically.
Image of Dr. Maskin, the inventor of Meibomian Gland Probing, a key element to any dry eye treatment course and effective method of treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD

Dr. Maskin’s ophthalmic career centers on robust patient care and the creation of innovative and ground-breaking medical therapies and surgical techniques to restore eye comfort and functionality to patients.

After becoming frustrated with the lack of identifiable cause of evaporative dry eye, Dr. Maskin resolved to find a more complete understanding of Meibomian Glands, their central role in the creation of dry eye, and how the glands contribute to the overall dry eye picture.

The description of periductal fibroses, or scar tissue, around the gland in 1997 was a novel observation and key to the understanding of MG blockages. It was not until the initiation of probing years later the true importance of this scar tissue was fully recognized. The observation of scar tissue surrounding Meibomian Glands and discovery of resultant strictures within the duct set a new path for treatment.

This discovery of fixed intraductal obstructions resulting from surrounding scar tissue created a new foundation for the understanding and treatment of Meibomian Glands and allowed Dr. Maskin to pioneer an effective and safe way to unblock obstructed and swollen glands. Meibomian Gland Probing through the Maskin Protocol is a consistently reliable treatment for evaporative dry eye, proven time and time again through patient experiences over the past 15 years as a key element of a dry eye treatment strategy.

Patients have traveled from over 35 states and 5 continents for his evaluation and treatment, particularly his groundbreaking work in MGD and dry eye. Already, ophthalmologists in the U.S. and internationally have successfully implemented probing in their practices, bringing relief to many.

Dr. Maskin's contribution to understanding cornea and surface diseases as well as his unique ability to diagnose and treat common and rare diseases has led to his selection by his peers as a "Best Doctor in America,” as well as a feature in “Guide to America’s Top Ophthalmologists.”

Additional breakthrough advances from Dr. Maskin include the use of placenta derived amniotic membrane, the discovery and publication of a topical interferon cure for ocular surface cancer, and a patented dry eye lubricant ointment to provide relief for dry eye sufferers.

Katey Mulfinger, Operations and Marketing

Katey Mulfinger is an early-stage start-up specialist, primarily focused on marketing, operations, and efficient bootstrapping.

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Katey’s past work features innovative health and education companies including LegWorks, a ground-breaking prosthetics company, and Presence Learning, a leading online speech language pathology and occupational therapy service provider.

Katey focuses her work on companies whose main goal is to effectively and efficiently improve lives, particularly social enterprises with innovative methods or products to directly impact social needs.

She is a graduate of Stanford University (BA, MS) where she studied biology, environmental sciences, public policy, and business and legal aspects of social entrepreneurship.

She is excited to return to her hometown, Tampa, FL with her hound Molley and cat Zoey to help Dr. Maskin provide needed dry eye research and tools to the eye care community.

Contact Katey at with any partnership or marketing inquiries.