What patients are saying about Meibomian Gland Probing

We’ve collected patient feedback on their dry eye experiences.

Read, listen, and watch below to learn more about their journeys to comfortable eyes and restored lives.


I definitely felt like my eyes were lighter. There was no sense of pressure, no pain.

I could tell immediately there was a reduction in the sensitivity to light which for me was something that was pretty extreme.

Just from those 24-48 hours I could feel marked improvement. I was really just blown away and excited.



I couldn’t do anything, I kept my eyes closed all the time.

I couldn’t read. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t watch television.

I couldn’t interact with my family at all. I couldn’t look at my nieces and nephews when they came to my house.

You couldn’t touch my eyelids before... I jumped when I touched them.
The immediate results were absolutely miraculous…

The next day it was like a miracle. I was finally functioning like a normal human being. I had my eyes open the entire day.

I used to talk to people on the phone with my eyes closed… I don’t need to do that anymore.

I can’t describe the feeling of being blind and in pain to being normal.


It’s a relief. It’s hard to describe but I feel so much better after he probes.


I’d been searching online for probably years to find help.

I think a lot of what they’re doing is like a band aid procedure... not getting to the heart or core of it all.

Prior to finding Dr. Maskin, it just was hopeless. Nobody knew or had a clue what they were doing. They just gave me drops and sent me away and then I just kind of gave up actually after that.

And then I did some research and found Dr. Maskin’s book… and my husband said right well that’s not good enough we need to just come down here.

And that’s what we’ve done ever since.
My eyes were just bone dry and I had pain and pressure… I had a lot of pain…

My life was on hold. I couldn’t do anything. I had some days where maybe it wasn’t as bad as others.

Nobody out there knows what you’re dealing with. If you have some sort of cancer or you break your leg… everyone can see.

But I didn’t look sick. And I’d never heard of anybody going through this before. Nobody knew what I was dealing with.

And you go to an eye doctor and they just give you eye drops… I literally could not find any doctors who had a clue. It was as if they had no idea what pain was.


Ten years ago, I began to develop eye discomfort. For two of those years it was treated with over the counter eye drops and prescription glasses. As my discomfort grew, I went to see doctor after doctor. My discomfort became worse to the point where I felt I could not work. Discomfort turned to desperation.

I traveled from doctor to doctor receiving in some cases painful procedures. By some miracle, a friend of a friend mentioned Dr Maskin. I made the appointment and was prepared to be disappointed once again. Boy was I wrong!!!!!!!

I refer to Dr. Maskin when I speak to other people as my Eye Savior! The Doctor meticulously diagnosed each part of my total eye problem and treated it thoughtfully and to my great joy SUCCESSFULLY! There is not enough thumbs up for Dr. Steve Maskin 👍👍👍👍👍

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